Friday, May 18, 2012

First revision r2.05 VSP-330

  • Added Response to Incoming Midi Continuous Controllers: 
    • CC#7 Main Volume 
    • CC#64 Pedal Hold Function 
  • Fixed a bug in the background oscillator phase-synchronization routines that interfered w/ DAW audio. 
  • Added CPU reduction feature when toggles for either HUMAN VOICE or STRINGS are completely deactivated. 
  • Fixed a bug in the envelopes that caused same-note re-triggers to double in loudness.
Full Version is freeware. Go here for info and download link.

EDIT: If anyone is having trouble updating the VST using a host, try re-downloading the zip file again.  A problem on my part was the VSTid for 2.05 was incorrectly the same one used for version 2.0 which can lead to problems.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Standalone version shouldn't be affected.

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