Monday, April 30, 2012

VSP-330r2 On Hold

VSP-330r2 release is being delayed, perhaps a week or so.  Some important details I would like to address and hopefully incorporate into the design are being considered.  It would result both in improvement of sound and quite likely result in more efficient CPU as well.  Thank you for your patience! -g

Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Look: VSP-330r2 Screen Shot

Click on the image to get a larger blow-up.  The VSP-330r2 is currently in beta testing.  The beta is going extremely well.  Users are reporting the GUI is working very well and the sound is fantastic.  Some tweaks are still being made.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

VSP-330r2 Update

Given all the excitement and anticipation, and hopefully for you too, I've moved this project to the top of my priority list. The audio/functionality portion of development appears completed. It sounds fantastic, and still has a couple of tricks up the sleeve like the first version. Currently developing graphics for the new GUI. Beta testing should be right around the corner. Stay tuned!

VSP-330r2 Plugin VS Real VP-330 Test 2

I am developing a new plugin version for the VP-330. The sounds you hear are testing the PC plugin (off screen) against a real MKI VP-330. Both have all voices/strings/ensemble turned on for full effect. This is a work in progress, I'm thinking the UpperFemale4' still needs some work and could be closer. Everything else seems to be great with the sound. Especially those strings. Currently the plugin is using 40-50% CPU power on my PC running a much older AMD Athlon, windows 32 bit.

When the time comes and all goes well in beta testing, it is my hope this VST will be available at a very modest donation everyone can afford. The VP-330 being some kind of rare and mythological creature, my intention is to make the experience of the vintage choirs/strings available to more people and their use in music.

VSP-330 VST plugin Sound Test (Roland VP-330)

I'm re-developing r2.0 of the VSP-330 from the ground up. The VSP-330 VST plugin is based on the vintage Roland VP-330 choirs and strings. This time around my goal is to provide a faithful emulation replacing the instrument itself.

The difference that sets this emulation apart from all others out there: absolutely no samples are used in this plugin. I have taken great time and effort emulating the exact same synthesis and effects-processing architecture as the original vintage hardware.

The sounds you hear are testing the plugin against a real MKI VP-330. Which is the real one and which is the plugin? You might hear sustaining notes getting yeah that would be the MKI (because it is paraphonic, the whole key range sharing a single envelope) - a problem not encountered on the polyphonic plugin.

The visuals are frequency spectral analysis and psycho-acoustic spatial imaging provided by Ozone 3. Sorry the spatial imaging is blurry and video camera.

VSP-330: Choirs + Strings + Ensemble

I just finished developing the ensemble effect, it is sounding spot-on to me. Now hear it with the strings and male choir. The first half is a phrase played without any external effects. For fun, the latter half adds a Lexicon MPX550 reverb called "gothic hall".