Saturday, April 21, 2012

VSP-330 VST plugin Sound Test (Roland VP-330)

I'm re-developing r2.0 of the VSP-330 from the ground up. The VSP-330 VST plugin is based on the vintage Roland VP-330 choirs and strings. This time around my goal is to provide a faithful emulation replacing the instrument itself.

The difference that sets this emulation apart from all others out there: absolutely no samples are used in this plugin. I have taken great time and effort emulating the exact same synthesis and effects-processing architecture as the original vintage hardware.

The sounds you hear are testing the plugin against a real MKI VP-330. Which is the real one and which is the plugin? You might hear sustaining notes getting yeah that would be the MKI (because it is paraphonic, the whole key range sharing a single envelope) - a problem not encountered on the polyphonic plugin.

The visuals are frequency spectral analysis and psycho-acoustic spatial imaging provided by Ozone 3. Sorry the spatial imaging is blurry and video camera.

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